Reflections bow out at the Cabooze


Reflections announced their last show and I knew, even though it would be heartbreaking, I had to be there because it was going to be the end of an era.

Reflections is a staple in the Minnesota metal scene. They are one of those bands that got out of the city and really made a name for themselves. Even with their fame, they never once forgot where they came from and members of the band could be spotted at various shows across the city just hanging out with people. I mean, they were friends of everyone first and band second… they never forgot that.

I didn’t know the boys personally. I’ve seen Jake (the singer) around but I’ve never talked to him. I’ve only heard through people that these boys are some of the nicest ones in the scene. I believe it’s true because when they were up on that stage last night, I felt it. When I was at their music video shoot a couple months ago, I felt it. These guys just radiate the feeling of family that is the heart and soul of the metal scene up here.

There were plenty of other local bands that opened the show last night. The pit was open for majority of the show and the crowd cared about what was on the stage. I could write for days about how each one of them was amazing but that’s not why we were there. Even the bands acknowledged the fact that last night was about Reflections. We were there for Reflections. Being able to see everyone else perform was just an added bonus.

The second Reflections took the stage, the mood in the venue changed. Every time there was a moment of silence, the crowd would start chanting their name. You could just feel the emotion in the room and it was enough to give me chills. Here we all were, a family, watching our family on that stage for, what seems to be, the last time ever. It was a heavy feeling but a beautiful one. People were going harder in the pit than I have ever seen them go before. People wanted to show their love for this amazing group of guys and they did it the best way they knew how… by “ruining the place”.

Just like at the music video shoot I went to for these guys, Jake told us to “ruin the place” and that’s exactly what happened. It looked like violence. If you hadn’t been to a show like this before, you would swear that there was a fight going on but that’s not the case at all. The pit was full of people just wanting to have a final night with Reflections. Sure, people were getting hit and kicked and, yeah, I saw some people that probably have a fractured bone here or there, but that didn’t matter and it was all in good fun.

I don’t think it hit me that it was Reflection’s last show until Jake said something in between songs. I could feel the tears well up in my eyes as I heard his trembling voice thank the crowd for everything. He was on the verge of tears and the crowd was right there with him. The realization that this was the end seemed to hit the crowd like a ton of bricks. People stood still and silent in the pit with their hands folded together like they were praying. Jake told us (the crowd) that Reflections would be nothing without us. I hope he knows that we would be nothing without them either.

Reflections is over and there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s heartbreaking to think about but being able to see them one last time while being surrounded by my family definitely softened the blow.

Dear Reflections, you gave the kids in the scene some of the best music, concerts, video shoots… everything. This scene wouldn’t be the same without you guys and we all love you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for some amazing times and remember that no matter what you guys do in the future, you have an army of people supporting you. We are all part of the same family and that will never change.