Rogue Valley release radiate/dissolve at the Fitzgerald 7/29/2016


After starting off with an agressive plan in 2009 to release 4 albums in their first year Minnsota group Rogue Valley has slowed things down a bit. They took their time to craft their new release “Radiate/Dissolve” and release it last week with a show at the Fitzgerald.

Starting the evening was The Laurels String Quartet. They opened with the world premiere of a piece “Vignettes: for The Laurels” by Minneapolis Composer Adam Conrad  before bringing out a series of local musicians to join them on stage. Nona Marie Invie, Joe Horton, Jeremy Messersmith and Chasity Brown. The Laurels showed their impressive range from Hip Hop to Ballads. It was a very special experience.

Rogue Valley’s set started of with an performance of “Brightest Stars” that Richard Wagner would have been proud of. A cloud hanging over the stage, light effect mimicking the moon light on the cloud, a horn section and the The Prairie Fire Lady Choir filled the stage. Yet the song was not bombastic, it was smooth, soothing and would be perfect to listen to under a starry sky. Pulse upped the tempo a bit but still remained calming. Chris Koza delivered one of my favorite quote from stage: “They keep telling me, they are not professional musicians. But they showed up on time, had their cards printed out and drank all the whiskey.” Overall the songs played showed the time spent crafting them. The band of Chris Koza, Peter Sieve, Luke Anderson, Linnea Mohn, and Paul Engels has created a very cool album with “Radiate/Dissolve” that they can be proud of.
Set List: Brightest Stars / Host / Pulse / Bury your Heart / Loom / Breathe / Transference / Blood Moon / Cold Window / Planet / Vaing Glory? / radiate/disolve / Red River / Wolves and Ravens / Onward and Over