Rob Meany CD Release at the Icehouse – 5/1/2016


Rob Meany one of the founders of Minneapolis Jazz band Terramara has been working on his solo Album for quite a while. After several years “Ferris Wheels Unbound” was ready to be released at the Icehouse yesterday. Meany commented that the time was used to give songs different treatment and the band accompanying him was sizable and included Laurel’s String quartet on several songs packing pretty much the whole stage at the venue.

What stood out was the joy with which the set was performed from light banter (has anyone seen Rob with a Guitar before?) to quiet smiles during his songs, Meany and his band were happy to be on stage. That communicated clearly to the audience who were engaged throughout the set. Band instruments and composition changed throughout the set. The songs had a jazzy feel but in a modern more easygoing (no, not easy listening), light hearted way. A cover of the Beatle’s “Eleanor Rigby” let the strings shine and the title track of his album was a standout as well. Overall a very enjoyable evening and an album worth the wait.

Set List: Afterlife / Quiet Desire / The View / Ferris Wheels Unbound / Never Say Goodbye / Silly Game / Cover of Snow / Jumping the Tracks / Lonely Boy / Fears of a Nation / That much I already know / Until you fall asleep / Eleanor Rigby / Jaded little Love Song / Running down the Avenue / Goodbye / Loosing my Mind