Dream Theater at the State Theatre on Sunday, May 1st


Dream Theater made a stop in Minneapolis, MN at the State Theatre on Sunday, May 1st and put on a great performance for the packed venue!  I got to the venue a little after 7:00 pm and was happy to see the line of people waiting to get in.  When I got into the theater, the stage was set up with the massive drum set, the keyboard setup, and behind all that were screens displaying the map of The Great Northern Empire of the Americas.  Soon after the show started, I realized I wasn’t in for simply a Dream Theater show, this was the complete story they were performing from “The Astonishing”.  I was in a hurry to get to my spot for photos and didn’t see there were programs being handed out at the entrance to the theater.  They gave a brief description of the story and the characters involved.  I was so entranced in the story that I had to stay and watch the entire show!  It made much more sense to me now that this performance was being held at the State Theatre given it was more of a story told by music than a concert.  Even the keyboard was like a ship like object that spun and tilted during the songs!  Dream Theater blew away my expectations of their live show and I will definitely be attending a show in the future.

The photos were taken in my 15 minutes allowed and only from the sides or back of the venue, so no extreme close-ups, but still some cool shots that I’m proud of!

I recommend checking out the rest of the tour schedule and heading out to one of Dream Theater’s remaining shows.  You will not be disappointed!  For myself, someone that has been following them since 1992, it was a show that was long overdue.

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!