Rezz Blew My Mind at The Armory Last Night!


I had only recently stumbled upon Rezz and became completely intrigued by her sound. The Canadian electronic artist delivered a weird, dark and mysterious set last night on Halloween and how fitting it was! Rezz uses heavy bass, synthy keys and intriguing gritty samples to give her music a “creepy” feel. But I couldn’t help but bob my head along to all of the catchy tunes the entire set.

Not only was I excited for the music and the light show but I was so excited to see all of the cooky, creepy and crazy costumes for Halloween! The fans delivered with the costumes and it only made the atmosphere of the venue more amazing! The performers were some of my favorites! with their LED hoops and body suits.

Ekali, also a Canadian native, opened for Rezz. Although, the crowd was anxiously awaiting Rezz, they were still just as pumped to partake in the festivities with Ekali. He got the crowd amped and over his 45 minute set the Armory started to fill up slowly. There was a small technical difficulty towards the end but the party kept cruising along even while there was no music playing. But once the music came back on the entire venue erupted. Shortly after that the lights dimmed and Ekali ended his set. 

The transition time between Ekali and Rezz was so quick. I think maybe 10 minutes if even. There was a short intro video before she took stage.  And then it began. The iconic LED glasses, hat and ponytail walked on stage. It was as if Rezz was taking the audience through a wacky dream. The music and lights were thoughtfully combined together creating the spooky atmosphere that Rezz is known for. The lights also lit up Rezz in a certain way to almost make her seem ominace as she was extremely backlit all night. Rezz stood onstage almost like a conductor of an orchestra giving the crowd cues on when to pump up.

The vibe was good, the lights were great and the music was mind blowing. I can now confidently say that Rezz is carving a lane for not only female EDM artist but EDM all together. Her intricate and gritty sound is absolutely sublime. I wouldn’t hesitate to watch a performance from her again.