Paradise Fears at the Varsity 3/29/2015


Paradise Fears have come a long way since they started selling their first CDs to fans waiting in line for other shows years ago. They recently headlined their own US tour, have released several albums and had an Olive Ridley Sea Turtle at Seaworld San Diego named after them.

Fans welcomed them enthusiastically at a packed Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. Early in the set singer Sam Miller remarked that the band was not used to being separated from their fans by a barrier. That distance did not stop them from engaging the audience quickly. Paradise Fear’s stage presence is impressive and shows their experience on the road. They augmented their songs with a couple of covers and included a sampling of one fan’s name in her own voice (Leah) in one of their songs. Their short set to me was the highlight of the show and I am looking forward to seeing them return for their full show.

Set List:
You to believe in
What are you waiting for?
Battle Scars
Ignition (Nelly cover)
Back to Life
Jealous (Nick Jonas cover)
Who we were with

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