$uicideBoy$ Blow The Roof Off A Sold Out Fillmore


It was the end of a 45 hour work week and the end of an eight hour day on top of that. So, to say a concert was just what the doctor ordered would be an understatement, and the high-energy, bass-heavy music the $uicideBoy$ rose to fame on was the medicine I was looking for to end my week on a high note.

I rolled up to the Fillmore and I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Minnesota’s newest venue but the customer service was top notch and I didn’t feel dirty just by being there. It felt like a mature and tasteful place to see a show.

The place slowly filled from front to back as the line that went around the building and down the block made their way through the venue doors. Dedicated fans chanted G59 anxiously awaiting the crew to take the stage. People chatted about seeing the duo and how excited they were to experience the spectacle that is $uicideBoy$ live for the first time or all over again. One concert goer even looked me in the eyes and said the words “I wanna mosh, I wanna mosh so bad.” before disappearing into the sea of people in front of us. The energy in the room was high and everyone’s love for the duo and their music was evident. 

It wasn’t long before defining cheers filled the Fillmore as Ruby da Cherry and Scrim took the stage, little did I know exactly how big of a treat we were in for. One song in and Ruby da Cherry stopped. he explained, “We just dropped this project right,” to a defining response. Ruby continued, “We just gonna play the whole F****ng thing.”

Now, I have been to my fair share of concerts and never once have I been in a crowd as dedicated and crazy as this. The headbangers in the front might have spine and head trauma while the mosh pitters went hard to every song. Then there were the people around the outside just listening, and each type of concertgoer respected the other which was amazing to me. Each fan knew each and every word and the whole concert was amplified by the background vocals of the GA pit. Easily one of the best crowds I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in. 

Not to mention the music, the energetic and emotional delivery of every song was incredible. The bass was ground shaking, their ability to control a crowd was unrivaled and their visuals matched the intense delivery of their lyrics.

30 Minutes of pure jaw-dropping performance later and they finished off their newest album. That is when they canvased the crowd asking who had and who hadn’t seen them live before. The duo shared a little laugh before saying, “Well, for those of you have never seen us, here we go.”

The only note I wrote down in the moments that followed was, “Insanity.” The band’s cult following was sent into a frenzy as nearly an hour of their fan-favorite songs rang through the Fillmore shaking the new building to its core. 

I left the venue in awe. The $uicideBoy$ set the bar and their fans only pushed the bar higher. Every concert from here on out is going to be a tough sell in comparison to this experience. If you’re ever lucky enough to have the New Orleans duo come through your town, get tickets and buckle in for a wild ride.