Post Malone Brings Passion And Heart To Packed Xcel Show


Saint Paul was buzzing on Sunday night. It wasn’t the sportsball scene, it was the music scene. A mess of people of all ages, all styles, and all backgrounds converged on the Xcel Energy Center all with the desire to see the one and only Post Malone perform live.

Roddy Ricch was the one and only opener on the packed Sunday night stadium show. Taking the stage about twenty minutes after the posted start time, Roddy jumped into something that felt much more like a headlining set rather than an opener. Most of the time there’s a clear difference in the stage setup and production value between the opener and headliner at an arena show but not in the case of Roddy Ricch. From balls of fire and plumes of smoke to the use of the entire stage that extended into the general admission portion of the audience, I was instantly captivated by Roddy’s persona. His music didn’t do much for me but the sheer power he has as an entertainer gave me everything I needed.

Although he has a spotty past and turned me off with some of his comments and lyrics (which had more n-words than I am comfortable with), there was something genuine about Roddy’s performance. The most touching parts were the dedications to those who died far too young during his song “Die Young” which included nods to Minneapolis specifically with photos of George Floyd and Prince, and then his clearly emotional dedication to Nipsy Hustle. Much like Roddy mentioned, this world needs more people like Nipsey Hustle and that’s one thing I will absolutely agree with him on. Beyond the touching dedication was just the pure passion that Roddy has for his craft. At only twenty-three years old, this man clearly knows what he is doing and absolutely has a bright future ahead of him.

Post Malone is not my normal cup of tea. That’s not a shock if you know me. His music is just a bit too commercial and pop-leaning for me to really get into but I still adore this man. From his relatable “Always Tired” tattoo under his eyes to the amount of fire and passion I’ve felt from him the few times I’ve seen him and the firm handshake he gave me the one time I met him– there’s just something about this man that has me sold. So let’s go ahead and clear the air now– I was not at his performance on Sunday for his music, I was there for him and as soon as he jumped into his set, it was clear that all of the fame and fortune he has created for himself hasn’t changed a damn thing.

Post Malone is a busy man. From music to film work to what seems like his appearance in every other commercial, this twenty-seven-year-old has truly created an empire. Although he started in the rap game, he has made a shift into the pop world and although even that shift isn’t enough to make his music quite my thing, it has absolutely expanded his reach when it comes to his audience. Throughout his set, we got little tastes of all of his influences. From rap to pop to even a few nods to a more alternative rock vibe, every song felt a bit different but it was all presented in the same way– full of heart, passion, and genuine talent. He honestly could have been up there playing the kazoo and I would have given him a good review. It’s truly amazing and honestly next to impossible to put into words.

It’s as if Post Malone has forgotten his status. A true performer for the people, Post spent more time interacting with the crowd than I’ve ever seen at an arena show. Sure, he’s a huge name these days but to those at the show on Sunday night, it was just Post Malone… with more fireworks. From his quirky and goofy movements throughout the set to the incredible showing of heart as he got real with the audience and thanked them for staying with him through all of the ups and downs of both his life and their own, there was something painfully genuine about his performance which made it absolutely unforgettable. Although he joked prior to breaking out the acoustic guitar that it would be a good time to go to the bathroom now since things are going to slow down, I didn’t see many people leave. The arena was quiet enough during those somber songs that you could have heard a pin drop. Even though Post was yards away from me and probably what felt like miles away from those in the nosebleeds, I felt the emotion he was giving off in such a beautiful and powerful way.

Only the second date on this tour supporting his new album ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’, Post apologized a few times for being winded and a bit slow but I didn’t get a tired vibe from him at all and felt like he powered through his twenty-three song set with a sense of fury. For a man who literally has “Always Tired” tattooed on his face, his set felt full of life, energy, and passion which is exactly why I will keep going back to see him as long as he tours.