Coheed and Cambria Lights Up The Myth — 2/27/2016


When a rock band that has pumped out as many albums as Coheed and Cambria has comes to town, it’s a show that you don’t want to miss.  This was the case at the Myth on Saturday, February 27th.  Coheed and Cambria was joined on this tour by Glassjaw, I the Mighty, and Silver Snakes.  For me personally, it was a chance to see some new music as I hadn’t heard of the three opening bands.  The show was scheduled to start at 7:30 pm and I got to the Myth about 7:15 pm, just when the last of the people were making their way in.  Once I was inside, I was happy to see a packed venue!  People were eager to get this rock show underway!

Silver Snakes was up first.  I wasn’t very hopeful for the lighting during this show because they were mostly using reds, blues, or none at all.  Luckily, there were a few flashes of good light to get some shots during their set.  Musically, Silver Snakes sounded good.  I liked what I heard when I was writing up my preview, and they played some of the songs I had listened to and they were very close to the recorded version.  The only strange thing was the lack of crowd interaction.  Any they had was very brief and at the end of the set it was only a quick thank you and they were gone.  Still, I enjoyed their set and the crowd appeared to as well.  As far as the photos, check out the ones I managed to take below.

Next up was I the Mighty.  These guys came out and put out a ton of energy for everyone.  Their fast and heavy sound revved people up and I could see a mosh pit break out every now and then, which is usually a good sign that people are enjoying the music!  This was another band that had peaked my interest when listening to them online.  Their live set sounded solid and I had a great time listening to them after I was done taking photos.  As for the photos themselves, the lighting was better during I the Mighty’s set.  The only trouble I had was getting a clear shot of the drummer, but I managed to find a spot where I could see him.  Check out the photos below.

Now it was time for the band that hadn’t been around for a while, Glassjaw.  I usually try to focus on the good parts of the show, but it seemed their set was still in need of some fine tuning.  The lighting was pointed on the first few rows of the crowd with the exception of a few lights from the back pointed diagonally toward the ceiling.  It was difficult to make out who was playing on the stage most of the time.  Musically, (and this is only my opinion), I felt there was something lacking during the performance.  There was a little crowd interaction, but it just seemed like Glassjaw’s members were going through the motions of a show and they weren’t really interested in it.  Again, that is only my opinion and there were many people I saw screaming the lyrics right along with the band.  At any rate, the lack of lighting resulted in only a couple photos that were work sharing and you can see them below.

The time had come for Coheed and Cambria to take the stage.  They came out with enough back lighting to light up a small town.  That combined with the theatrical smoke made for an interesting three songs!  Anyway, the minute the lights went down the crowd went absolutely nuts!  There was a short acoustic type song and then they went full on into tearing the venue down.  The sound of everyone singing along, the smiles on the band members’ faces when they heard it, and the amazing light show that went along with it made this truly something that was worth the wait as it was set up!!  Coheed and Cambria far outdid my expectations and kept pushing it further with every song they played.  This is a band that knows how to put on a rock show and I’m glad I was part of their stop at the Myth in Minnesota!  If you’re looking for an amazing time and some great music, this is one show to put on your schedule!  As far as my photos, you can check them out below!

It has been a very busy week with a lot of great music, but this show at the Myth was a great way to end it!  If you see that this tour is stopping near you, I would recommend checking it out.  After all, it’s your support that keeps them going!

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!