Oh My LORDE! Souls Were Blessed At The Armory


What do Post Malone and Lorde have in common?

They make us cry – in the most beautiful way possible. Lorde – hats off to you. Before this story even begins – absolutely blown away.

It seemed to be a normal Monday night in the Twin Cities as I was making my way on 394 towards the downtown metro area. The Armory was the venue in mind that night as I finished removing my left arm to pay for parking in a MPLS ramp during an event. Don’t do that; Uber is your friend, show-goers. 

I was excited and nervous – excited because Remi Wolf was the opener and I absolutely LOVE that woman’s energy and music as a whole. Have you seriously not heard of Remi yet? Please, fasten your seatbelt, and Google her name NOW because she’s getting bigger and bigger as an artist (she basically sold out First Ave earlier this year). “Hello” and “Photo ID” are just some of the hits you may know, and we also got a taste of those last night as Wolf blew the crowd away with her humor, playful show demeanor, and overall killer vocals. She has THE best natural voice I’ve ever heard on stage – and yes, I know Lorde has yet to be covered here. They’re both amazing artists, yes, but no one can top the glass-shattering (in the best way) voice of Remi – truly sensational. 

Remi gave the cities a shout-out, made some jokes, sang some songs, and took a bow; what we now had was 45 minutes of playing games on my phone an intermission that lasted longer than usual…

What were we getting ready for?

I’ll tell ya – we had no idea. Not me, not the photographer, not my friends; Lorde was rather quiet on landing regarding everyone but the 6k+ people at the arena last night. These same fans camped out over night to get front row – yeah; I underestimated this. Big time. 

Lorde came out and the cute windows the Armory has at the ends of the arena could have shattered because the crowd was that loud. I haven’t heard anyone shake an arena this much since Post Malone at the X back in 2019; and thats not where the comparison ends, but it needs a pause for some background and storytelling.

Lorde has been performing for about a decade, with hits like “Royals” hitting the airwaves back when I was in high school (fun fact we’re both 25). I went into this show only really knowing that song and a couple others – and I left with each song played – saved on my phone. “Homemade Dynamite” made the place nearly blow-up itself because fans were that overjoyed. And each time Lorde did a hip flick or a dance move of any kind; people lost their freaking minds. It was like watching a football team just Hail Mary it every play – every 30 seconds just absolute fan chaos. 

It wasn’t just the stage and crowd that got my attention so quickly; Lorde’s lyrics are second to none. Just look up “Fallen Fruit” or “Stoned at the Nail Salon” and you’ll hear and see what I mean here. She’s a student of arts and especially music since she was a kid – and the passion is clear. Her stage was almost dream like with its backdrop and subtle set changes. Each step she took around the stage had the eyes of thousands following her with absolute joy. Even I am now a fan – something I genuinely say especially with an artist considered more “popular” or mainstream. Lorde deserves all praise, and haters should just buy a ticket next time. 

Post Malone and Lorde have one thing in common outside of making their fans cry tears of joy; their fans absolutely love them. I can’t express it enough – the people there at that show were not there for a casual night out or sample viewing – their eyes were glued to the stage for the entire set, and I legit caught people sobbing tears of happiness as I made my way closer to stage after a few songs played.

Dear Lord: thank you, for Lorde