Hanson String Theory Captivates Fans At The State Theatre


The State Theatre was packed yesterday evening as individuals both young and old filled the room waiting for Hanson String Theory to begin their performance accompanied by the Minnesota Orchestra. The talented group began the evening promptly at 8 pm, opening with “Reaching for the Sky – Part 1”, and continued to takes fans through both new and old numbers. Some of which being, “Joyful Noise”, “Where’s The Love”, “Dream It Do It”, and “MMMBop”. It was quite the experience seeing the group paired with the Minnesota Orchestra for many different reasons, but mainly because I hadn’t seen either perform prior to last night.

Hanson String Theory was enjoyable to watch as all members of the trio know how to play each instrument making the performance exciting for fans as they’re not sure where each individual will be next. Members also create an impressive harmony repeatedly throughout their musical numbers. As the evening went on many more numbers were played such as, “Chasing Down My Dreams”, “Tragic Symphony”, “Got a Hold on Me”, “Yearbook”, “Siren Call”, and “Me Myself and I”. About half way through the evening, performers took around a fifteen minute break before returning for the remainder of the evening.

Upon returning the group continued to “wow” fans with “Reaching for the Sky – Part 2”, “This Time Around”, “Something Going Round”, “Battle Cry”, “You Can’t Stop Us”, and “Broken Angel”. I think the trio did a wonderful job at selecting their lineup as it allowed all fans to enjoy themselves regardless of what point they began listening to the group’s new work. This was definitely a show where no one would leave unimpressed; wishing a song on the playlist in their head would have been played. Nearing the conclusion of the evening the group finished the evening with, “What Are We Fighting For”, “Breaktown”, “No Rest for the Weary”, “I Was Born”, “The Sound of Light”, “Tonight”, and “Weird”. The evening ended closer to 10 pm, which made the show very family friendly as everyone could still enjoy music as well as get home early for the start of the oncoming work week.

The Minnesota Orchestra presents around 175 shows a year, ranging from playing with various touring artists to performances of their own. Fans can typically attend a program at the Orchestra Hall in downtown Minneapolis, and it is said that their concerts are heard by live audiences of 300,000. The group is made up of 98 talented members chosen from across the world. They are now in their second century, and led by Music Director, Osmo Vänskä.

After completing a sold out tour celebrating 25 years, Hanson soon announced that they would be beginning a different musical adventure; an adventure that was completely new to fans. Their tour as Hanson String Theory began earlier this year, and will be continuing into 2019. The “String Theory” album is set to be released in a matter of days on November 9th under label “Three Car Garage”. If given the opportunity, I strongly suggest going to see them as it’s not only a relaxing evening for all ages, but also an eclectic mix of unique musical talent.