Nightly Makes Moves at 7th St Entry


Friday night I once again was blessed with checking out an artist I discovered while exploring the fringes of my Spotify library and saw a group I have long hoped would make the rounds to Minneapolis, I give you Nightly. They’re a trio that after seeing them live I genuinely have great expectations for and am loving that the current generation of pop is blending the 1980’s I grew up hearing on so many roadtrips, and the electronic vibes so common the radio of today. I was originally scheduled for no show this weekend but when a fellow writer was unfortunately unable to make it this one fell in my lap. Couldn’t be happier for it!

The leading lady of the night was one of Minnesota’s very own, Stacy K. Native of Minnesota and on short notice she made the trek to the Entry to fill in for the original opener. Who, fittingly for a Minnesota show, was stuck in a snowstorm we learned later in the evening. I don’t know how much notice Stacy had but she did a great set to open the night for Nightly. A laid back sound with a strangely familiar nostalgic tone I gotta say I enjoyed this one. You never know what you’re going to get with an opener for smaller bands but when the opener gets stuck in a storm and changes the entire situation it’s more intriguing. Stacy’s music is instantly relatable and I spent much of her set reflecting. I couldn’t tell you much of the lyrics to some songs but that’s the beauty of music, you don’t always need them because music is a universal language and the emotional tone and notes are enough. Keep doing your thing Stacy, I may just have to come to Mankato to hear more acoustic sets like this one. 

After the Entry had filled and the smoke consumed the stage to set the mood came the trio of Nightly. I believe they’ve been to the venue once in the past, perhaps before I stumbled on them in one of my many late night hunts for music, but ya could have fooled me with the fans who had crowded the front of the stage. It was as if they were there to catch these guys before they went viral and everyone else discovered them. Which, I can’t blame them, Nightly is a fun energy group and if they keep creating songs like XO or Phantom they’re due for a breakthrough. Speaking of XO and Phantom. Check those tracks out as well as Miss You Like Hell and one from their new album, Sleepless Nights. They’re probably my, and others, favorite tracks but will also set the mood for those who wanna check their vibe out as a new listener.

One thing that stuck out to me immediately was the sheer number of songs everyone in the crowd knew. Now, granted Nightly is an up and coming group and their album list isn’t going to be as long as tenured artists, but really… EVERY song. I heard a few or many each song singing alone and realized I was among some real dedicated fans. One track in particular from their recent release, No Call No Reply, stuck out when I was listening to their music on my way to the show. I honestly hope it remains a staple on their set list because it’s a great song and could prove to be a staple for the group. If there was a song I had hoped to hear at this show I heard it. The silver lining to a shorter album list is you get to hear your favorites and I got to hear every track I’d gotten hooked on over the last two years. I will knock on wood as I say this but I can absolutely see Nightly being the next opener for a Panic at the Disco or The 1975 type group. They’d be a perfect vibe to lay the night’s mood and their sound is very inspired by the genre. Keep an eye out for these guys, their time is coming it’s just a matter of when. 

Setlist: No Call, No Reply/Miss You Like Hell/Phantom/Sleepless/Talk to Me/Honest/Who Am I To You/Younger/Holding On/S.T.A.Y./No Vacancy/XO