The Armory Jams with Dispatch and Fans


It’s a weekend of chaos in my world but that didn’t mean I was going to pass on a chance to enjoy the jam session Dispatch was putting on at The Armory on Friday. A band that very evidently transcends generations at this point, I saw fans ranging from 18 to 60+. All dancing, singing, and enjoying a drink with their fellow music lovers. This was a crowd and show much needed for many of us it seemed and the Armory delivered in spades.

I got to the Armory with a quieter than expected crowd outside. The last time I was at this venue the line was around the corner with fans antsy to be let through the front door. I thought, man there is nobody here and this opener is great as well!. The joke was on me because once I had my ticket and was inside the crowd had already filled the majority of the general standing room and the upper levels were filling in slowly as well.

My time spent listening to Nahko and Medicine for the people was short lived as I had to get my gear from my car. Sidenote park under the armory, it may be a few bucks more but SUPER convenient and I wish I had known it was an option before this night. Anywho, the opener set was solid. Very similar sound and jam band vibe, no shock, to Dispatch but one of all their own with a more reggae and rap twist. Regrettably I have never gotten into Nahko and Medicine for the People’s music as I always end up on my youtube or Spotify stream swapping back over to Dispatch. And this show once more showed I should stop doing that because they were fantastic.

After navigating the crowd and making it to the pit it was time for Dispatch’s own jam session. I saw these guys roughly a year ago at The State Theater after they had recently reunited some absent members. In that show I had read reviews saying they may not play as much new music due to the absence of their drummer before, but that was false and they were great. So my hopes for this show with an even bigger venue with plenty of time to get their vibe were high.

Spoiler, they were better than the last time and owned the bigger stage with ease. Evidence to that was as always, whenever I am entranced and get into the music I forget what I am suppose to be doing briefly. That happened a few times this show in only 3 songs. Granted for Dispatch that means 20 minutes of playing but anyway. Further proving that was also the number of people who told me later they were trying to get my attention and I didn’t hear them. Oops! Enjoying the music folks!

Dispatch brought out old and new for this show luckily. The classics and the new stuff are always solid sing alongs with Bang Bang, The General, and newer trackers. It’s so strange to me even now that while I remember Dispatch when in middle school back in 2003. There are fans I spoke to during the show who were telling me their love for the music, before I told them I am NOT with the band, and they were largely in the 18-21 range from what I could tell. One of them being a elementary teacher who’s students told her they didn’t know who Dispatch was and she was shocked. To which I said, I heard Dispatch over ten years ago when those students were just thoughts.

But I digress. From the venue ambiance to the nostalgic sign alongs and feel good vibe through the whole show and its fans I had a great experience with Dispatch. For a band with such following and one spanning years they still genuinely love to perform and shared their personal stories through the show and things they loved about Minneapolis. Come back anytime guys I can think of over two thousand other people who’d share that sentiment this weekend.