Mod Sun and his Smile Machine Tour Packed Myth Live


MYTH LIVE x SNOWTA PRESENTED: Mod Sun – Smile Machine Tour 10/21. Mod Sun and the Smile Machine Tour played the Myth Live as their thirteenth stop on a seventeen stop tour across America. The fans were cheering for Mod in line waiting to enter the Myth Live. The fans were extremely cheerful for a late Sunday show on a cool fall evening. 

As the Myth Live began to fill DJ TIP started the night off with mixing different beats. California’s own Forget Brennan was first out on stage. Brennan played a very heartfelt fifteen minutes. Forget Brennan had talked about how he meet Mod Sun in LA. The crowd certainly loved Brennan’s style. LOSTINVEGAS was up next playing a short fifteen minute set. VEGAS had a lot of political views on Trump and immigration. Rapper Caskey followed after Vegas on stage. Caskey brought his Florida style Rap/Hip Hop to Minnesota. I was amazed how lyrically talented Caskey was. Caskey played a killer thirty minute set. The last song of his set he paid tribute to the late Mac Miller. When Caskey was finishing his set he decided to finish the last song crowd surfing. The fans went nuts. 

The lights went down and the excitement began to build as Mod Suns drummer tapped out a beat. The fans began to cheer Mod Mod Mod. Mod Sun came out to performing song “happyBB”. Mod played song after song. Mod was so happy finally back in his home state of Minnesota. Mod Sun played a fun/exciting/energetic set. Mod Sun is one of my all time favorite performers. I certainly wouldn’t have missed this show for anything. Mod Sun brought his A game on this late Sunday evening. I can’t wait until I get to see Mod again.