TWIABPTL&IANLATD Start The Send Off For Triple Rock With Powerful Show


My eyes swelled up with tears when I read the news that The Triple Rock will be closing on November 22nd. I was in shock and didn’t want to believe it. I wanted to go to sleep, wake up and realize it was just a super bad nightmare. Unfortunately, it was true and, as I walked into the Triple Rock last night for the show, it was hard to not get hit with a wave of emotions. Although my emotions were running high, I was not going to let those feelings ruin a beautiful night of music so after my favorite meal in the city (their vegetarian Minneapolis Po’Boy) and a couple of drinks with my brother and a friend, I was able to forget about the sadness and let myself enjoy what ended up being yet another amazing concert at The Triple Rock.

Mylets (real name Henry Kohen) kicked off the show promptly at 8PM and instantly had the crowd captivated by his talent. This kid took the stage and instantly starting playing around with a looping pedal creating layers upon layers of music. One of the reasons I love music is the process that happens when creating it. It’s the imagination and talent combining that makes something special and being able to see that creation right in front of you is definitely a game changer. I was in awe of Henry’s precision as he waited for the exact right moment to hit the button that added the drum sound or when he didn’t hesitate to step on one of the many buttons in front of him to add a layer. There wasn’t anyone or anything on stage other than Henry, his guitar, and his looping station which made his set nothing short of inspirational. I’m always in awe of people who have the creativity and drive to do everything themselves and Henry was one of those people. Henry admitted to the crowd multiple times that he was a bit off his game but honestly, had he not said anything, I don’t think anyone would have noticed. Other than his apparent disappointment in himself, the crowd was eating up his quick set and seemed to truly enjoy themselves. Wednesday night’s show was Mylets’ first show on this tour and, from what I saw, he will be a great addition to it and wow crowds for the rest of the run.

Following Mylets’ inspirational set was Rozwell Kid- an indie rock band from West Virginia. Now, if you’re an avid reader of this blog, you may remember that I just saw this band July. That being said, I will never miss a chance to catch them live. The banter of the members on stage is beyond perfect and singer Jordan Hudkins’ awkwardness on stage is something that I can’t help but fall in love with. Their performance last night didn’t quite measure up to their headlining show back in July, but maybe they were holding back a little bit as to not overshine the headliners. That being said, their set was still fun and full of energy and I was instantly reminded why I keep going back to see them.

Rozwell Kid’s music is upbeat and fun. It’s music that makes you want to tap your toes and nod your head along to the beat. It’s not punk but their attitude on stage leans towards the punk side. “Next we’re going to play… who the fuck cares. We’re going to play it regardless!” Jordan shouted. The crowd laughed along with the rest of the band and then went silent as the band played through songs that came from throughout their six year, four album career. At one point, bassist Devin Donnelly had to switch a string out so Jordan announced to the crowd that he was going to sing us a song about his lunch the day before. I honestly thought he was joking but, sure as shit, he started singing about the Mediterranean wrap he had at a vegetarian cafe yesterday. Even after Devin was done switching the string, the song went on and the entire band ended up finishing it off like it was an actual piece the band had been practicing for years. The randomness and informality of this group is what keeps me coming back to see them and the perfection of their music is what keeps them in my daily playlist. Rozwell Kid is a band that literally does it all.

Finishing off the night was a personal favorite of mine, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. Yeah, no joke, that’s legitimately how long their band name is. The reason I love these guys so much is because of the raw emotion that radiates through their music and the way it hits you. Their music is deep and almost ambient at times but there’s this raw power and energy about it that has always perplexed me. There’s no screaming vocalist and no shredding guitarists. It’s just calming, simple sounding music with well thought out lyrics put on top. It’s the perfect music for a night in with a glass of wine and the softest blanket you own but it’s also the perfect music to throw on when just chatting with friends. It’s not what I typically listen to and, as far as live shows go, it’s a bit calmer than I typically enjoy but, like Rozwell Kid, I keep on going back because there’s just something about them.

TWIABP&IANLATD formed back in 2009 in Connecticut. Even though they only have three full length albums (including their newest one Always Foreign which just came out this year), they have done countless EPs, splits, and even a couple of live albums. Their following seems to be a bit cultish in a way. Their music isn’t mainstream in any way, shape or form, and, although they are typically classified as indie-rock, I don’t think that describes their music at all. This cult following showed up last night and had the Triple Rock nearly packed as the band played through both old and new songs. Some of the tunes made you want to dance while others made you want to grab a drink and let your tears mix with your beer. That’s the beauty of this band. You can interpret their music however you want and you can let it completely take you over. Nobody is going to judge you and nobody can tell you your interpretation is wrong because the music is so full of raw emotion.

As my brother, friend and I walked out of the Triple Rock, I was instantly catapulted into the reality that this was one of my last times here. As sad as it will be to have to say goodbye to this legendary venue that has become a second home to myself and many others like me, it’s comforting to see that it’s going out with a bang. Wednesday night’s show was a thing of beauty and that’s exactly how I want to remember the Triple Rock.