MC Hammer Starts His Presidential Campaign At Treasure Island (He Doesn’t Know Yet)


At times it seems that everything around us is only adding to the divide we are undergoing as a country. Even events that normally would get the entire country to come together are politicized one way or the other. How can we unite as a country? Well, I got a glimpse of hope Saturday night at Treasure Island, and his name is MC Hammer!

Have I completely lost my marbles? Maybe so, but hear me out. Last night’s show united people from different races, life styles and locations who share one goal – to party old school rap style!

Hammer’s house party has been touring the states this year with a rotating cast straight out of MTV’s haydays of 25-30 years ago. Opening sets were short focusing on each performer’s hits.

First up was Tone Loc. He joked with the audience about getting old and true to that when it became time to bring up fans on stage for “Wild Thing” one of the first hands raised was holding a crutch. Everyone on stage was clearly having a blast.

Kid’n Play mixed a good dose of comedy routine into their show. The banter between then went back to the time of their hits. Those of course made it into the set and got loud cheers from the crowd.

Rob Base was the final opener. I was not into rap / hip hop back on those days, but heck, even I remembered “Joy And Pain” and “It Takes Two” and so did the rest of the crowd. 

Between sets old school Hip Hip and Rap videos kept the crowd entertained. Then we got a curve ball. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’ “ blasted through the speakers and most of the crowd joined in singing along……….’Murica!

When MC Hammer came on stage, the room erupted. And Hammer is going big as ever. His set had a dozen dancers, red roses and supporting rappers/singers (including his sons). It was like no time had passed at all since the glory days. 

He paused to welcome fans Minneapolis  (someone from the crowd yelled NO! – to early), St. Paul, Minnesota, Welch, and surrounding areas). Of course he talked about Prince as part of the intro to “Pray” and getting permission to sample “When Doves Cry” for that song. His set built up energy that released with   “2 Legit 2 Quit” and “U Can’t Touch This” to close out his set.

I picked this show out of curiosity and left with two important lessons. Partying “Old School” is fun. It doesn’t have to fit current trends, it’s about enjoying yourself. And love for music doesn’t give a crap about race, class or where you’re from. It unites us. So let me be the first to say it: “MC Hammer 2020”?