Thursday Night Was Saturday Night With Brice Vine At The Fillmore


photos by Vito Ingerto

Brice Vine brought the Saturday Night Tour to a sold-out Fillmore Minneapolis on Thursday night. Joining Vine were Hoodie Allen and Yoshi T.

With his star on the rise, opener Yoshi T started the evening off with bouncy beats that got the Fillmore moving. Yoshi T’s latest release is Sandbox, and the set featured cuts from that EP. Sounds of spacey keyboards and crashing waves brought a summer-like vibe to the Fillmore. The set had a kind of Mac Miller feel to it. His lyrics created a sonorous collage of emotions, whether related to relationships or life experiences. The bass hit, but not too hard. The set could definitely have been a soundtrack to a spring break road trip.

Next up was fellow New Yorker Hoodie Allen. With Panic! At The Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” as their intro music, Hoodie appeared on stage to a raucous welcome. Upbeat, positive, buoyant, the list of favorable adjectives used to describe Hoodie live could fill an entire page. He had a full band with him on Thursday night. Allen truly made the audience feel like he was talking directly to each one of them, and at times he did. He even went so far as to give out his cell phone digits and said he would personally respond to anyone who texted. No crowd surfing from life rafts this show, but the highlight of the set was a sing along to Maroon 5’s “This Love”.

Bryce Vine came on right around 9:40 and kept the positive vibes flowing. He opened with an “oldie” “Guilty Pleasure” off of 2014’s Lazy Fair . It was hard to tell who was having more fun, as both the audience and Vine had ear to ear grins the entire set. Bryce had a band with him and some lights, but the setup was low key, just a sign with his name as a stage prop. Keeping it simple could also be said of his music. He manages to broadcast his message of positivity with effervescent lyrics and uplifting themes. Bryce leaves the heavy stuff for others. When you come to his show, you are going to have fun. And the sold-out Fillmore really vibed off Bryce’s palpable confidence.The crowd was a real mix of generations, from Gen X to Gen Z, and even a sprinkling of Boomers, packed together tightly. This speaks to Vine’s ubiquitous attraction, everyone needs a night to turn off the world and be transported to a soul satisfying Saturday night. Even if it was a Thursday night.