Maggie Rose Brings A Little Nashville To The Entry Friday Night


There was a different vibe in the 7th Street Entry than the usual local indie rock bands that typically inhabit the club. It was a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll and a whole lotta fun. And while there were three different acts on the bill, the evening flowed more like a bunch of buddies getting together and jamming. The night could have been called Maggie Rose and Friends, as band members flowed on and off the stage throughout the night. Adding to the intimacy of the evening was the fact that there was so much equipment on the stage that the musicians had to go through the audience to perform. 

First up was local singer songwriter Natalie Murphy. Describing herself as a “country fiddler with a rock edge”, Natalie’s set felt warm an intimate. She let us know that she went to DeLaSalle High School, literally blocks from the stage. Between songs she spoke about how Maggie Rose was one of the first people she met when she moved to Nashville.  A couple of songs in, she was joined on stage by two members of Them Vibes, Guitarist Kyle Lewis and keys player Kaitlyn Conner. Highlights of the set included “Something To Dance To” and Natalie shouting out to her Mom and Dad. 

Next up were Them Vibes. Hailing from Nashville, they rocked right out of the gate. Front Man Brother Love was energetic and animated as he lead the band through a set of songs that were all originals, but with the veneer of 70’s funk rock. It didn’t hurt that Guitarist Kyle Lewis is a dead ringer for Duane Allman, and played a mean slide too. Hints of Little Feat and The Gap band wafted from the stage along with Brother Loves incense. The band had the Entry crowd moving, their funky beats motivating everyone. The band was joined by Maggie Rose and Natalie Murphy for a couple of tunes. Check out their video for “Powers Collide”.

After a short break, Them Vibes returned to the stage as Maggie Rose’s back up band. Maggie came through the crowd and up on stage and broke right into the upbeat country flavored rocker “Do It”.  The anthem of individually rolled right into a super funky version of a tune about rumors gone wild “Telephone”. This really got the packed Entry grooving. “For Your Consideration” temporarily slowed down the tempo, but it really highlighted Rose’s outrageous vocal range. Soulful and powerful with the ability to burn, seeing this song live was straight fire. “Now And Then” highlighted the drummers skills.(Sorry, can’t confirm who was on the kit Friday night.

“Broken” was next level emotional with the addition of Natalie Murphy’s fiddle. The authenticity of the lyrics ring especially  true with everything that is going on in the world. “Now And Then” highlighted the drummers skills.(Sorry, can’t confirm who was on the kit Friday night. I love when an artist does a cover and makes it their own. Rose’s version of “I Feel The Earth Move” was beautifully arranged, deep and soulful. And “The Letter”, whoa, just smoking hot and the perfect way to leave an audience completely satisfied.

Maggie Rose showcased her amazing vocal chops, blurring genres and owning the Entry Friday night.