Check Out “Stone Baby” At The Icehouse On Wednesdays In January


Trademark Theater will present “Stone Baby” on Wednesdays (1/5, 1/12, 1/19 and 1/26)  in January 2022 at the Icehouse. “Stone Baby” is a theatrical live rock show in partnership with local band Kiss the Tiger. Featuring the talents of Meghan Kreidler (Lead Vocals), Michael Anderson (Guitar, Vocals), Bridger Fruth (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Paul DeLong (Bass), and Jay DeHut (Drums, Vocals), STONE BABY is the story of a girl born of stone and born to rock. Tickets are available HERE

This full-fledged musical epic features guest openers Diane (January 5), Tina Schlieske (January 12), Erik Koskinen (January 19), and EVV (January 26).

A girl born of stone and born to rock, STONE BABY is a mythological origin story that explores unbridled liberation through one’s journey into rock and roll. Blurring the intersection of theater and live music by challenging the boundaries of each, this limited engagement event presents itself as a live rock show with story-driven flair. STONE BABY is an energetic, fast, loud, blood-pumping, live performance experience blending spoken word and rock music.

In early 2020, Kiss the Tiger experimented with a live music show that included storytelling and spoken word—a mythic rock and roll origin story that used a lot of KTT’s music from past and yet-to-be-released albums. Meghan Kreidler and Michael Anderson held a virtual performance in a Zoom music event in the height of the pandemic. During that same time, Trademark was actively looking for artists to launch its Commissioning platform. Artistic Director Tyler Michaels King met with Meghan to spitball ideas to collaborate on. “Meghan shared that she’d already been working on a rock and roll, story-telling mash up idea with Michael. It felt like a project very up our alley. Something new, fresh, and innovative,” says Michaels King. Trademark then met with Kiss the Tiger and discussed what a collaboration and full presentation could look like. After initial discussions, the band moved forward creating this musical epic with Trademark Theater in a producing role.

“At Trademark, we’re all about expanding the boundaries of what theater can do,” states Associate Artistic Director Tyler Mills. “Kiss the Tiger is the perfect band to get up on stage and break the rules on what a live performance is supposed to be. This show is unlike anything we’ve worked on or seen before.”