Lucy Dacus Plays A Sold Out 7th Street Entry


The pressure on Lucy Dacus for her second album “Historian” must have been immense. After all her debut record got all kinds of critical acclaim, one news story had 20 record labels fighting over her, and a vice presidential candidate listed her as a favorite artist. But rather than succumbing to it, she poured her struggles in her music and the result was a well received release. I was very much looking forward to seeing her live.

Arriving at 7th St. Entry a bit later than intended, I missed the first act of the night, but was lucky enough to catch some of the  second, And the Kids (unfortunately to late for photos). They self-describe their sound as: “unconscious, accessible, existential, indie, glitter, popsicle, crisis,” which is just about right. They definitely brought the energy to the stage and had the crowd fully engaged. I  bet they absolutely won over some new fans, myself included.

Lucy Dacus fans turned out in a major way for her first headlining performance in Minneapolis. The show sold-out awhile back, and the floor was packed with a pretty even mix of those just old enough to get in to the 18+ show, to fans a bit more advanced in age. The 23-year-old singer/songwriter, fresh off the release of her sophomore album, “Historian,” remarked at how the enthusiastic crowd had already committed her beautifully written lyrics to memory.

The young Virginian played it loose on stage, with quiet story-telling between beautiful renditions of her richly poetic indie-rock songs. Next time we see Dacus, don’t be surprised if it’s next door headlining First Avenue’s Mainroom.