Lucius at Rock the Garden 6/20/2015


There are a few bands that force me to throw any pretense of journalistic objectivity out the window and turn me into a fanboy wanting to sprinkle my reviews with OMG! Lucius is one of those bands. I am a sucker for Jess Wolfe’s and Holly Laessig’s voices and stage presence. This is the band I was most excited to cover as part of Rock the Garden 2015.
Lucius came on stage looking as if they took a wrong turn at New York fashion week and ended up in MN. They opened their 45 minute set with “Nothing Ordinary” and played a song from the new album that they are working on. My personal highlight was “The Tempest” when their harmonies sent cold shivers down my spine.

Set List:
Nothing Ordinary
Go Home
Don’t Just Sit There
How Loud Your Heart Gets
Dusty Trails
You Were On My Mind (Sylvia Fricker cover)
Turn it Around

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