John K. Samson Of The Weakerthans Returns To The Turf Club November 21


Singer/songwriter, past punk rocker and former Weakerthans front man John K. Samson is coming to the Turf Club November 21.  Tickets and details can be found HERE.

There are those artists who because their lives encompass far more than just playing music.  Sometimes they slip under the radar a bit.  Understandable since the music public is often fickle and distracted by the next new shiny thing.  Such is the case with Samson.  And when his or her approach to their own music tends to be well outside the nine dots and defies categorization, it even more understandable.

Such is the case with Samson.  He’s a written word poet.  Has spent time on the faculty of the University of Manitoba and is the founder of the publishing collective Arbeiter Ring.  So there is never of shortage of projects demanding his time and muse.

Luckily, his fans are loyal and the Winnipeg artist is going to find an enthusiastic welcome when he comes to town.  For those unfamiliar with his work with The Weakerthans (“cryogenically frozen” as opposed to broken up) or his last album Winter Wheat simply ask yourself if you like your songs smart, a bit dark and imbued with rock sensibilities.  For many of us, that’s a rare sweet spot.  Few artists plow these fallow fields more effectively than Samson. 

This tour will feature songs from all of his work with The Weakerthans as well as his two solo efforts.

Joining Samson is fellow Canadian, Christine Fellows.  Much of her work focuses on female characters, often overlooked and forgotten.  Seems a wonderful match to headliner John K. Samson.