Wood You Join Us? THE WOOD BROTHERS take on First Ave with Sean McConnell (11/3/21)


The Wood Brothers and Sean McConnell will be at First Avenue this November 3rd at 8:00PM! Tickets are still on sale HERE and we hope you join us, because the last time these bros were in town, they blew our minds with their ability to genre-hop between Americana, Folk, Blues, and Rock; These guys really have it all. 

Before we get to spend time with the Wood Brothers, we’ll have the chance to witness Sean McConnell. McConnell reigns from Franklin, Tennessee and carries with him some wild existentialist undertones capped by the taste of a Sunday-morning-drive in the rain. I’m not big on gambling, but just from listening to parts of his latest album (A Horrible Beautiful Dream, 2021) I am putting money on me crying at some point during this set; Emotions are important! If you are also looking for a chance to hear more from Sean – check out “As the Curtain Came Down” or “I Built You Up” from that album – I found these to be great introductions for the night we are awaiting. 

The Wood Brothers are one of the first artists I’ve covered for TCM – and after a long pandemic, I can’t wait for our reunion. Featuring a lineup of two brothers (Oliver and Chris Wood) and multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix, this crew combines the likes of a standup bass, acoustic and electric guitars, and whatever the heck this thing is: a Shuitar?

While Jano’s weapon of mass percussion is definitely the eye catcher on stage when this trio performs, they come together as one to make the music we know and love. This tour is not specifically highlighting a recent release, however, we are expecting the gang to focus on their most recent tracks featured on their 2020 album, Kingdom in My Mind.  The big-hit from that album seems to be “Little Bit Sweet” which you should absolutely check out, but also explore some of their older pieces because they tend to surprise with throwbacks from their older days of The Muse, Loaded, and Ways Not To Lose

We hope to see you there! And if you are like me and can’t wait for November 3rd – check out THIS awesome recording we found during the shutdowns.