Impressive EP Release Performance from Andy Cook At The Aster Cafe — 3/5/2016


With a nice little chill in the air on Saturday evening along the blank of the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis, Andy Cook warmed up the very cozy and quaint Aster Cafe with a great performance. However, this night was not a standard performance. The buzz on Saturday was all about Andy’s self-titled EP release.

The evening was kicked off on with a really solid performance from the eye catching Sarah Morris. Her sweat vocals continue to draw audience fascination and long applause. It was a great pairing to be able to see both Sarah and Andy perform back to back.

Andy hit the stage with high energy and confidence. His musicianship on the acoustic and electric guitar was tack on. The set was eclectic, engaging, sensitive, and extremely pleasing. Best of all … the crowd loved it! His six song EP takes you on a very cool journey and is a wonderful recording. The best part is that this is just the beginning for Andy Cook, and I can’t wait to see how his music, writing, and performances will mature and grow.

Be sure not to miss Andy Cook live. His self-titled EP is out now through the normal digital distribution channels. Be sure to check him out online at:

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