Ike Reilly Assassination On Their Way To Mainroom November 24


Troubadour for the broken, the down and out.  Ike Reilly brings his band The Assassination to The Mainroom later this month.  Tickets are still available.  Show details can be found HERE.

Reilly’s new album Because The Angels continues a similar pattern of putting gritty, topical stories on top of his folk punk blues stylings.  Because he never left his Libertyville home for the fantasy lands of bigger music Meccas, he’s found a way to reflect on those hidden flaws, pains and characters that lurk in the shadows of any small town.  There’s a lot of Bob Dylan in the music of Ike Reilly.

What does one do in small town Illinois when Covid shuts you down?  You tele-busk and try to find any way to get your music out there.  At the same time you get the opportunity to experiment with some new things.  Reilly did this by tracking some vocals with his own sons and the risk pays off.

Reilly exploded out of the background 20 years ago with his debut album Salesmen and Racists.  Angels marks the eighth and finds him at the top of his game.  The turmoil of the past few years has provided plenty of fodder for a poet who wanders the darker side of humanity.  Few artists remain as true to themselves as Reilly.  Based on his following in these parts, we can expect a big house and a strong dose of emotional reaction.

Opening for Ike Reilly Assassination are two of the Twin Cities up and coming female rockers.  Monica LaPlante has been carving out her niche for a handful of years and writes songs that cruise right down the middle of the rock and roll highway.  Mae Simpson is perhaps a bit more known by blues aficionados around town.  Have no doubt that she brings enough heat to justify her inclusion on the Main Stage.

The night will be American Heartland.  If you like your shots straight, no chaser, this one fits the bill.