Mattiel’s First Time In Minneapolis Impresses At The Entry


I’ve been on a bit of an Entry binge lately. I love that grungy little venue, and there are always cool smaller bands on the calendar (and those don’t take as much planning / advance notice as their more popular brethren). So I found myself sitting on the box stage right last night, curious what was awaiting me.

Detroit’s Moonwalks started the night. There’s always a curiosity when seeing a band for the first time. Do their clothes tell us anything about their music? What impression do the first bars of their music leave?  Well the glitter on Moonwalks’ outfits and their sound gave a clear hint: If the Smashing Pumpkins would play Glam Rock with a touch of psych, that’s what they would sound like. But then who wants to squeeze a band like Moonwalks into a category.  Me, I liked their music and stage presence. Their short songs (they crammed 10 into a 30 minute sets) paired with singer Jacob Dean’s very dry sense of humor had everyone’s eyes glued to the stage.

Set List: War On Nothing / Natural Possession / Jodi’s Shoes / Cherry Shade / Crown Of Roses / Cream Of The Country / Heavy Tears / Into Time / Joy Of Geranium / Outer Limit

Fans at the Entry got to see Mattiel’s new record “Satis Factory” 2 days before it’s “official” release. The first thing that caught my attention was their intro. “Ani Kuni” a traditional native American song (enter a trip down the internet rabbit hole the next morning. Apparently it’s a staple of elementary school education in Spain, and there’s Indian versions – no, not native American the other indians…….) But I digress.

Singer Mattiel Brown commands the stage but her band certainly holds their own. An article described their sound as “a blend of bourbon-hazed country, film-noir blues, and hazy psychedelia.” . There’s a bit of a French vibe to Brown’s style (turns out she lived in Brussels, close enough) and that’s also in their recent single “Je Ne Me Connais Pas” – I don’t know myself.  This was the Atlanta based band’s first time in Minneapolis and I very much enjoyed their set. If you see them return, catch them, you won’t be sorry.