Red Wanting Blue Energize First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry


While the rest of the Twin Cities (including First Ave’s Mainroom next door) was busy getting ready for Sunday’s Soundset, I found myself marching to the beat of a different drummer as Red Wanting Blue was headlining the 7th Street Entry.

First up was Ryan Traster who played his first show as a dad (and promised some corny dad jokes). His music was a good blend of indie rock with other influences. There was fun banter with the audience and he took care to announce their last song as a barn burner (not banger). All in all an enjoyable set and I found myself liking his music as I listened to it white processing the photos.

I found myself a bit ignorant about Liz Brasher, the next artist. I saw the guitar and pedal setup and made the mental mistake of expecting a “Girl with her Guitar” set. But she strolled on stage, grabbed the guitar, let loose and I found myself going “Wait a moment! This Rocks”. She started her set with a guitar intro that would have felt right at home on a Led Zeppelin album. Her voice leans towards the dark (and smooth) side and she brings plenty of personality to the stage.

Set List: Daytime Suzie /  Blood of the Lamb /  Living Water / Outcast /  Dirty Rags /  My Apologies /  Hard Times on Me  / Cold Baby / Elijah Rock

Hailing from Ohio, Red Wanting Blue have been around for 20+ years with a rather busy touring schedule that has them playing 200+ shows a year. That kind of track record showed in the diversity of fans that filled the Entry (and the amount that showed up during Liz Brasher’s set). This was my first time seeing them live, but it did not take me long to get pulled into their set. I love bands that have a good live show and RWB definitely has that in spades. Front man Scott Terry captures your attention and Red Wanting Blue’s music energized the Entry. The band had just released their new album “The Wanting” a few weeks ago. 

So I got to spend a Saturday night, seeing 3 good bands that were all new to me, that’s not a bad thing at all.

Set List (Pending Confirmation it was small and the image is fuzzy): High And Dry / Younger Years / Audition / Keep Love Alive / Ulysses / Spies and Lovers / When We Choke / I’ve Got a Feeling It Hurts / Walking Shoes / Glass House / Lily White / My Name Is Death / You Are My Las Vegas / Finger in the Air / Hitchhiker’s Lullaby / Where You Wanna Go