Young The Giant Dazzles The Palace Theatre On The Mirror Master Tour


The last time I made it out to the Palace Theatre for a show was back when CHVRCHES headlined back to back nights there. Honestly, I thought it was chilly and windy on those nights October. Little did I know that I was in for a chilly treat on my way in to catch Young The Giant at the Palace. Due to the horrible buildup of snow over the month and the snow and blustery wind from the last 24 hours, the original writer wasn’t able to make it, and even though I genuinely wanted to be at a show, I equally wanted to be cozy and getting ready for sleep back at my house. Instead, I braved the bitter cold, hoping that the Palace would be just as cozy. 

First up for the night was the only opener on the bill, L.A. based quartet Sure Sure. Yes, this was another instance of me not listening to a band before seeing them live but, I’m glad I didn’t because their live performance sold me on them. From the beginning of their set, their sound brought me back to easygoing summer nights, something I definitely can’t wait for. Their live set was very polished yet laid back, and I definitely appreciated the chill vibe they had emitting from the stage. There were songs that I found myself tapping along to and songs where I found myself closing my eyes and just holistically relaxing. Sure Sure’s live performance, albeit over far too quickly, was funky, charming, and exactly what was needed to warm up the crowd.

I must not have noticed exactly how crowded the Palace got as Sure Sure was playing. People steadily trickled in and the crowd was packed just in time for Young The Giant to take the stage. Once again, I was not very good at doing the homework of checking out the band in full prior to seeing them live. Sometimes I just have to go with the surprise of a live set, especially when the music is a little outside of my usual genres and Young The Giant did not disappoint. There is something enchanting about the way Young The Giant performances on stage. The band is captivating and enticing to watch, with each band member eagerly pouring themselves into their music and instruments. By the time “Heat of the Summer” kicked in I was hooked; their music just clicked for me live in a way I don’t think it would have if I only listened to one of their records. The emotive performance of Sameer Gadhia captivated me from the start and made their set truly special as someone who went into it with no idea of what to expect. Everything from the perfectly intertwined stage lights, the emotive instrumentals to match the vocals, to the vibe of the crowd made this show absolutely worth getting out of the house for. Even with a four song encore, Young The Giant’s set felt like it wasn’t long enough. I had a hunch walking into the show that getting over the mental challenge of bracing the cold would be worth it, and catching Young The Giant proved to be the best choice I could have made.