Elephant Revival with Dead Horses at the Cedar – 5/12/2016


Colorado Folk band Elephant Revival just released their album “Petals” and their tour promoting it stopped at the Cedar yesterday.

Starting the night was Wisconsin’s Dead Horses who are a frequent guest in the Twin Cities. Their set included songs from their new album that will be released shortly. Their sound was more on the rock side then the last time I covered them and their closing number “Weird Fishes” finished with a pretty impressive guitar jam. Judging by this, their new album should be quite interesting.

Set List: To a God / Golden Sky / Ain’t got Time / Deep Blue Sea / Brothers / Tops / Long Way Down / Weird Fishes

Elephant Revival bring a plethora of instruments to the stage, most of them acoustic or close to it. Each of the band members plays several instruments and many of them are not the kind you see a lot on stage. From a wash board (played with the metal tips mounted on evening gloves) to a singing saw, if it makes music, Elephant Revival will give it a try. Their set featured several numbers from “Petals” and older fan favorites. The band’s music is smooth with a haunting quality to it keeping listeners on their toes. Overall a great set by a very cool band.

Set List: Raindrops / Home in your Heart / Remembering a Beginning / Birds and Stars / Sea Monster / Stolen / Spinning / The Pasture / Ring around the Moon / Hello You Who / Flight Patterns / When I Fall / On & On / Petals / A’Capella / Single Beds / Rogue River Encore: Furthes Shore / Grace of a Woman