Lettuce “Mt. Curshmores” their Set at First Avenue


Having narrowly escaped impeding doom from “plowable snow” the good people of the Twin Cites pulled their winter coats out of their closets (after a taste of spring) and headed to First Avenue to get funky – Lettuce had come to town!

Starting the evening was The Russ Liquid Project headed by Portland native Russel Scott with Guitarist Andrew Block and drummer Deven Trusclair. The band takes classic funk and pushes it kicking and screaming in the 21st century with electronic influences and bringing in other music styles as well. Several of their songs had a hard rock feel while at the same time clearly showing their funk roots. Overall a unique and very entertaining set, well received by the crowd.

Lettuce took the stage promptly at 1030 took the funk meter to 100 from the first song. Titled “Mt. Crushmore”, their new album is also the name of their tour. Fans go quickly engaged and there were quite a few “expressive” dancers needing a bit of performance room on the crowd’s edges. The audience was a very interesting mix from dreadlock/hippie vibe to people dresses up in suit and tie. Lettuce’s lights were very colorful often mixing colors rather than bathing the stage in a single color. I found their set entertaining at it felt like drawn out funk session as songs often flowed into the next one. Songs probably more distinctively separated to fans more familiar with their work, but I liked the feel. What struck me is that Lettuce managed to carry a big sound, especially in the horn section that often felt like 2 or 3 of each instrument were being played. All told, I enjoyed my first time seeing Lettuce very much, and will be on the lookout for them to return.
Set List: New Intro / Salute / Reunion / Bowler / Double Header / Yakatori / Remember The Children / Pep-N-Step / Requiem / Phyllis / Blaze / Pocket Change / Trillogy / Lobbiest / Sounds Like A Party Encore: Lettsanity (Jungle Love)