Devon Worley – Gunpowder and Lead (A Tribute to Miranda Lambert) at the Fine Line – 2/27/2016


Saturday night at the Fine Line showcased 3 great female led country bands. Supported by Minnesota Country station BOB FM the venue was quite well attended and drew an impressive mix of ages.

First up was the Erin and Madison. At age 14 and 16 the acoustic duo displayed the confidence of seasoned performers on stage. Their set included not only country songs but also ventured into other genres with covers of Amy Winhouse’s “Valerie” and a pretty good rendition of Prince’s “Purple Rain” that suffered from a bit too much echo in the singer’s voice. Overall a good set and great way to start the evening.

St. Paul’s Diesel Fire recently reformed and changed their name from the original WildFire. They describe themselves as “a group of musicians that share the love of music and the effect it has on people”. The quartet’s energy on stage was high and they kept it throughout their set. Their performance also stepped outside the traditional Country & Western genre with covers such as KT Tunstall’s “Black Horse” and an impressive one of The Lumineer’s “Ho Hey”. Towards the end of their set Jaymi and Ashley were presented with a birthday cake as (if I heard it right) both their birthdays fall on February 29. I’m to lazy to do the math but the odds of 2 out of 4 band members having a leap year birthday must be pretty high. A couple more songs closed out Diesel Fires set.

Set List: Sick of Me \ Black Horse \ Summer on the Lake \ Rockin with the Rythm \ It Happens \ Blowing Smoke \ No one Needs to Know \ More to Love \ Drink Myself Single \ Beautiful Summer Night \ Ho Hey \ I’m with the Band \ Playin with Fire \ Two more Bottles \ Barefoot Blue Jeans \ Mason Jar \ There’s no Stopping Me

Devon Worley may be a teenager, but to borrow a term from boxing, she punches above her weight class. The (almost?) 18 year old has been touring for the past 5 years with the band bearing her name. That experience clearly shows in her stage presence as well as her voice. Other bands should take notes about the support system surrounding her. From media kit, stage props to merchandise everything I saw was done quite well and professional. Before her set, Devon did not hide in to green room but spend her time talking to fans, mingling, and being available to many a selfie. The stage was set up with an extension reaching out into the crowd.

Starting with “Kerosene” Worley drew in the crowd immediately and continued to engage them throughout the set. At one point she remarked that she and the band were available to photo bomb any selfies taken tonight. Covering an artist as well-known as Miranda Lambert is a daunting task, but Devon and her band pulled it off with style. I enjoyed watching the interaction between the young star and her band. While she clearly is the star of the show, there are moments when it feels like a teenager rocking out with her uncles as at BBQ and is having a blast. Overall a very talented and skilled singer, a great band and a very entertaining show to watch. Keep your eyes peeled on the Devon Worley Band – we will be seeing quite a bit more of them.

Set List: Kerosene \ Baggage Claim \ Famous in a Small Town \ Me and Charlie Talking \ House that Built Me \ Hell on Heels \ Mama’s Broken Heart \ We Were Use \ Good Enough for Me \ Something Bad \ Angel \ Fastest Girl in Town \ Little Red Wagon \ Wrecked and Mended \ Folsom \ Banshee Encore: Gunpowder and Lead

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