Big Wu Family Reunion XVI Festival on August 11-12 (preview)


There are times when I start to believe that the summer season is simply just too short. There are so many concerts and great music festivals that happen throughout Minnesota during the season, somethings it is hard to decide which to attend (and for TCM, which one we cover). The decision usually comes down to the search for a bit of the ‘ole WOW factor.

The WOW factor is exactly what I found when I saw The Big Wu Family Reunion XVI line-up. The festival has managed to round up 20+ artists into a 2-day event, August 12th and 13th at Camp Maiden Rock West in Morristown, MN. In addition, there will be a Pre-Party on August 11th.


The very notable Peter Rowan will be playing both nights of the festival. This is quite impressive as Peter is one of the bigger names in contemporary bluegrass, having played with everybody, including Jerry Garcia and Dave Grisman in Old & In the Way and, most notably, he was one of Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys in the late 60’s.

As mentioned, there is a full lineup of excellent performers, including host band The Big Wu (playing two nights), Minnesota guitar hero Dean Magraw, The White Iron Band, Useful Jenkins, The Last RevelAllie Kral, Frogleg, Circle of Heat, Maya Elena and Jason Fladager, Tim Booth’s tribute to Jackson Browne and Slippery People’s tribute to The Talking Heads, and many more.


The Big Wu Family Reunion XVI

Tickets: Tickets are $80 for the basic two-day pass. If you want to go to the pre-party on August 11th (and why wouldn’t you?), that’s another $20. VIP packages are available for $150. Tickets at the gate will be $100.

Accommodations: Camp maiden Rock is on the same level as harmony Park when it comes to festival experiences. Camping is included in the price of your ticket.

This will be a great time with great music, so don’t over think this. Make your plans to be there.