Band of Horses at the State Theatre


The Dress Code for Saturday’s Band of Horses Concert at the State Theatre simply read: Beards – Wild Belle’s Natalie Bergman got a special dispensation. Band of Horses’ tour promoting their current album “Why Are You OK” had come to town.

First on stage were Wild Belle. The brother / sister duo of Elliot and Natalie Bergman is a frequent visitor to the Twin Cities (although as they mentioned usually at the Triple Rock or The Cedar) and enjoyed playing the beautiful State Theatre – although they were not sure if the venue had its dancing license but encouraged fans to get out of their seats anyway for “Giving up on you”. I liked their set (and so did the audience) showing global influences on their psych pop sound. Oh, and if you need a silo built, their family is 4th generation silo builders, so don’t be surprised if you see them at work between tours.

Originally from Seattle but now calling South Carolina home only singer Ben Bridwell is left from the original 2004 lineup. Following a piano intro Band of Horses took to the stage and the sounds of “For Annabelle” filled the venue. Lights were quite good – the State Theatre relies heavily on touring bands in that area and there was a close connection between the audience with many fans singing along. “Casual Party” showed the more rocking / upbeat side of the band. A special moment was “No One’s Gonna Love You” played unplugged, when the audience’s voice lifted Bridwell’s voice for a great version of the song. Overall a great show for both casual and serious fans of Band of Horses.
Set List: For Annabelle / The Great Salt Lake / Casual Party / Islands on the Coast / Marry Song / Laredo / Country Teen / Throw My Mess / Cigarettes, Wedding Bands / Detlef Schrempf / The Funeral / Ode to LRC / St. Augustine / No One’s Gonna Love You / Part One / In a Drawer / Powderfinger (Neil Young & Crazy Horse cover) / Hag / The End’s Not Near (The New Year cover) Encore Older / Weed Party / Is There a Ghost / The General Specific