Deer Tick returns to the Fine Line on November 8th


Deer Tick is coming back to the Fine Line!!!

With the recent release of their newest album “Emotional Contracts”, Deer Tick has proved yet again that they are a bands band. The songwriting from the entire band on this album is on a whole new level with everyone getting a piece of the pie. The standout track in my opinion is the second track “Forgiving Ties’.  That song felt like a different sounding band on my first listen but after weeks of playing, it now feels right at home with that groovy bass and drum and dirty bluesy riffs. The lead vocals from Ian O’Neils and John McCauleys growly secondary vocals make the song my most played.

Founded by McCauley in 2004, with the lineup solidified in 2009, Deer Tick partly attribute their unfaltering chemistry to a shared sense of humor. To that end, the album takes its title from an inside joke regarding potential aliases for the band. “We were saying that if we had to play a secret show under a fake name, we could be The Hitmen and dress in pinstripe suits like Prohibition-era gangsters. Then we decided, ‘Let’s just release an album as The Hitmen—we’ll call it Emotional Contracts, like contract-killing on an emotional level,” says McCauley. “But the title connects here with each song somehow–every song is about a deal you’ve made with yourself at some level.” But as a phenomenally rowdy live act who once averaged 250 shows a year, Deer Tick mainly credit their deep-rooted connection to a mutual love for the unpredictability of the musical impulse. “I feel very lucky that we all ran into each other at some point pretty early on in our lives,” says McCauley. “From the start, I just wanted to find other musicians that would somehow all stick together, which definitely isn’t easy. But we all have a real fascination with music, and that desire to never limit ourselves or repeat ourselves is something that we all very much continue to share.”

Deer Tick / November 8th / Fine Line 

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