Juliana Hatfield is back at Turf Club on 10/9


Rock & Roll Lifer Juliana Hatfield is coming back the Turf Club on October 9th.

Over the course of an astounding 35-year career, Juliana Hatfield has earned her spot as a Rock & Roll Lifer. From her early days as a co-founder of the beloved Blake Babies, to her solo ventures, Hatfield’s delicate vocals and virtuosic guitar skills have become iconic staples of the genre. Back in 1986, alongside Freda Love and John Strohm, she infused a luminous pop sensibility and a knack for unforgettable melodies into the vibrant underground rock scene of the East Coast, sharing stages with the likes of Dinosaur Jr., the Pixies, and The Lemonheads.

Her solo debut in 1992 with “Hey Babe” marked Hatfield as a force in her own right. The album’s 11 tracks of melodic alt-rock foreshadowed the emergence of her distinctive blend of gritty and gentle, capturing the cultural wave led by grunge pioneers like Nirvana. Notably, Hatfield’s contributions as bassist and backing vocalist on The Lemonheads’ acclaimed albums “It’s a Shame About Ray” (1992) and “Come on Feel The Lemonheads” (1993) further solidified her musical prowess. However, it was her 1993 release, “Become What You Are” under the moniker The Juliana Hatfield Three, that truly catapulted her into stardom. The runaway hit “My Sister” resonated worldwide, offering a poignant exploration of the intricate tapestry of sisterhood and female camaraderie, all without a traditional chorus. The album soared to the top of the Billboard alternative chart and earned a spot on the publication’s esteemed heatseekers index.

Hatfield’s discography has expanded to 19 solo albums and a new ELO cover album coming out in a couple months.. Her passion for melodic pop and rock structures shines through, underscoring her unparalleled creative vision. In 2001, she reunited the Blake Babies for the acclaimed album “God Bless the Blake Babies,” and in 2016, she collaborated with Paul Westerberg of The Replacements under the moniker The I Don’t Cares. Beyond magazine covers and prestigious rock venues, at her core, Hatfield remains an artist and a technician – a masterful singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist whose impact and endurance in the industry are nothing short of extraordinary.

If we are lucky, we will get to hear live cuts from Hatfield’s upcoming ELO covers album in addition to her other cover albums with her takes on The Police and Olivia-Newton John or maybe she’ll just do a deep-cut only setlist. Either way, when Juliana is in town, you’d better show up.

October 9th at the Turf Club.

doors 7 / show 8

Openers are On Being An Angel and DJ Jake Ruth

Be there. 

Tickets can be purchased here