Creep & Crawl at Travail, The Rookery and Pig Ate My Pizza – 10/31/2015


If the Travail Collective throws a Halloween Party you’d better be ready for some strange and wonderful things to happen. The team that runs Travail, Pig Ate My Pizza and the Rookery organized what they called a “Creep and Crawl” and since their locations are only a block apart in Robbinsdale it made for the world’s shortest bar crawl.

The Food
While there were the obligatory eyballs – albeit in 3 distinct flavors, the chefs showed their seriously dark side of humor in many dishes. Pumpkin Puke as a dessert, Beef Tartare flowing out of a severed leg, a burnt baby in a bacon diaper Meatloaf and burnt Human Hkin (Pork Rinds with shrimp)

The Travailians
Some serious thought went into many of the chefs’ costumes

The Guest
Many of the guest gave their hosts a serious run for their money in creativity

The Games
Pig ate my Pizza focused on bar games but at Travail there was a relay race for a serious price: Dinner for 8 at Copper Table which features a 30 course menu. The relay stages were eating a donut off a finishing pole (no hands), Brussel sprouts off the stem, a classic pie eating contest, bobbing for apples (pick the green apple in a sea of red ones) and finally a beer boot to be finished by the whole team. Competition was fierce.