Gramma’s Boyfriend with Suzie at the Icehouse – 10/30/2015


There was one big question facing the crowd at the packed Icehouse in Minneapolis Friday night: What over the top outfit would Haley Bonar wear? After all this was a CD release AND costume ball.

Minneapolis Band Suzie kicked off the night. Put together by Mark Ritsema they took the stage in costume and played a lively set of funky psych-rock. Known for bending the gender rules in their sets the costumes were pretty tame. The music still rocked. Check them on out Bandcamp or Facebook.

As Midnight fell upon the Icehouse Gramma’s Boyfriend opened with their intro jam. 2 creatures from Tim Burton’s universe carried a large red curtain and a white hand with long fingernails peeked over the top. As the curtain fell it revealed Bonar. I don’t know if the costume was a specific character but it was glorious!
Since this was the CD release for the sophomore album “Perm” the set list leaned towards new material but included crow favorites (judging by the cheers) “We R Ctrl” and “I got this feeling”.
Gramma’s Boyfriend used the venue’s lights to good effect at one time turning off the stage lights and letting dining room and street lights take over. I really enjoyed their set. The band’s vibe reminds me of a modernized B52’s from their early days when they were still dangerous.

Set List: Intro / Halloween / Down in a Bucket / I forgot! / Sr. Suitcase / Forget the Stones / Deep V / The Eat / Donkey Donkey / We R Cntrl / Sugar Crash / Electric Heartbeat / Legends / Little Lightning / Forgiven / First Last Reunion / Live my broken Dreams / Burry the Hatchet / Halloween Reprise Encore: Lazybones / I got this Feeling