Coyote Kid: The Band You Need To Tap Into Before They Find You With “Sold-Out!” Shows


Beware the night

When the moon is full


Have you heard of Coyote Kid Yet?


Like a moth to the flame

Or a blood stain to the bull


Start with their Youtube…


There’s a lust that never ages

An evil that can’t be tainted


Or Spotify… 


the howl 

of the prowler


I am going to say this right now and say it until the moon is blue and Minnesota howls along with me – Coyote Kid is the next best band from Minnesota. This past weekend we were able to catch them alongside their opening acts and friends alike at Whiskey Junction – they do have more shows coming up, but you better see them now before they start selling out venues – They are THAT good. More about this later…

On March 1st, we started off the time of year most Minnesotans consider “second winter” with a a pack of heavy hitting bands that opened up for three hours leading up to Coyote Kid. It seems that the band is not only gaining popularity, but friendships across the local music scene as nearly every opening act praised the main act between (what felt like) every song, and audience members were dressed up as characters from the band’s music videos; cult following in the making? Oh yeah. 

Opening for Coyote Kid we had Left Unread, Cities Never Sleep, Vermillion Heights, and Careful Gaze. All of these acts were spectacular, and (most of them) spoke about being local, much like the main act itself. Cities Never Sleep did a bit of a cover of “Kokomo” and a full cover of “Danger Zone” to spice things up.

Vermillion Heights produced a sound that I am unfamiliar with as a writer – screamo/metal; It was my first time being exposed to the power and intensity of killer vocals and the most intense jamming I’ve seen this year.

Soon after, we had a combination of a heart-to-heart and outstanding performance from Careful Gaze, as the lead singer took several moments between a handful of songs to discuss mental health and the importance of healthy relationships – I was both impressed musically as well as by the empathy of the final opening act, before the howls were set to begin as Coyote Kid took to stage. 

Coyote Kid…

I am not a salesman – just a writer that is trying to explain how set-for-success this band that is gaining more and more momentum really is. I had the privilege of stumbling upon Coyote Kid when they opened a few weeks ago for Motherfolk, and left feeling like both acts were dueling as main acts as Austin Durry and the gang completely wowed me with their haunting, kick-ass music that I’d describe as a lovechild of Metal and Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats. They incorporate a hybrid of western cinema soundtracks and heavy metal, all the while utilizing a trombone/brass specialist in John “Johnny Bones” Baumgartner. Alongside Durry and Baumgartner, Coyote Kid has an outsanding vocalist and bassist in Cassandra Valentine as well as the most – and I mean the MOST – animated and passionate drummer I have ever seen in Austin Wilder. 

Everytime I closed my eyes I felt myself imagining a nightmare rendition of a Clint Eastwood film from my childhood. From my favorites such as “The Prowler” (intro lyrics) and my top-choice of track from the band right now, “Electric Lover,” their entire album is on Spotify and other streaming services that you need to check out if you have not already: “The Skeleton Man.” If their music and my words alone aren’t intriguing, check out their videos that are already fan-favorites below. 

The band is set to take more stages around the Twin Cities in the future, but if you can’t find time to catch them live – check out their music online… or, maybe you can “Begin the Hunt for the Golden Skull of the Skeleton Man.” 

Welcome to the Pack