Corey Palmer Bringing the Smooth Vibes With His New Album ‘This Could Be Anyone’ (Music Preview)


Corey Palmer is charging onto the scene with the follow up to his earlier solo EP effort Love Trade. Life experiences ranging from the joys of raising a family, to the pain of a near fatal car accident, have been put to music on the new EP This Could Be About Anyone.

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The EP starts off with a swanky, sultry synth pop tune titled Truly Truly (I’m Sorry). Reminiscent of a modern version of the golden era of the Minneapolis sound the album melds catchy pop beats, with industrial sounds. Mid album continues the driving groove with the track Every Possible Way, which could easily find it’s way on any playlist. Wrapping up the effort are the soothing Torture, and Change Your Ways. This is a must have for any music lover, with different vibes for different situations. You’re going to want this one on the soundtrack of your life movie.

Check Corey Palmer out live at the Icehouse, on Friday, April 29th. Tickets are available online at Icehouse Box Office.

This Could Be About Anyone CD Release
Friday, April 29th, 2016 @ Icehouse
$8 Advance/$10 Door
10:30PM Doors/11:00 PM Showtime
21+ w/Peter Wolf Crier

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