The 4onthefloor at First Avenue – 4/15/2016


Last year a news paper asked 4onthefloor’s singer Gabriel Douglas what one should expect from the bands show. His reply? “It’s going to be fierce and ferocious and fun and welcoming. Sometimes you see a tornado and you don’t want to get near it — but this is a friendly tornado.” So expectations were high going into Friday night’s show at First Avenue. The crowd was an interesting mix of young, old rockers and some suburban moms with oversized purses.

White Light Riot are an indie rock group formed in Minneapolis in 2005. The band called it quits in 2012 but just got back together and this was their reunion show opening for 4onthefloor. Fans were ready for the reunion and many sang along. I had not heard much of White Light Riot’s material before but I liked their set quite a bit. It was also clear that the band was happy to be back together and having fun performing. It seems absence makes the hard grow fonder and White Light Riot rock harder.

The 4onthefloor are a hard working touring band playing classic rock’n roll for the 21st century. They are also the complete package. Remember the intro of the Blues Brothers “Show Band and Revue”? Well 4onthefloor are a show band and then some. From stage setup, their merch booth (complete with a display screen), to their own lights, and their stage presence they are an outstanding band to watch live. Their music is unapologetic rock. The songs are fun, beer is being chugged on stage and their fans are hard drinking, rowdy and in a great mood. Douglas greeted the crowd with a very princess like wave. Through the show the band introduced many of their songs with brief oneliners moving the shlow along quickly. This was my second time seeing them and the 4onthefloor impressed me again.