Night Moves at First Avenue – 4/14/2016


Minneapolis four piece band Night Moves impressed with their 2012 debut “Colored Emotions”. Since then they have been busy working on their next album and released their new effort “Pennied Days” Thursday Night at First Avenue with support from two other great local bands.

Starting the night was Carroll, an indie rock group who released their self titled debut album last fall. The set started a bit late to allow for fans to arrive and the evening was off to a great beginning. Carroll sounds are lively but smooth and a bit dreamy.

I have covered Gramma’s Boyfriend several times, but with this band one never knows what to expect. No elaborate costumes this time around but that allowed singer Haley Bonar and her band mates to just loose it on stage. Any dreamy mood that remained from Carroll was blasted away buy guitars and hard driving bass. As Bonar put it at the end of “We R Control”: And don’t your forgot it!

Night Moves named itself after a Bob Seeger album. Their new album builds nicely on Colored Emotions but shows that the band and its sound have matured. They took to the stage with a distinct 70s vibe complete with a gold jacked worn by John Pelant and quite a bit of smoke. Their music is quite lively and the band has a very good stage presence. On the side of the main floor I observed some of the more funky and enthusiastic dancing I have seen at First Ave in recent memory. I would say the fans enjoyed the show very much and that we will be hearing quite a bit of Night Moves in the weeks to come.