PREVIEW: Andy Cook EP Release Performance Coming To The Aster Cafe on March 5th


In the ‘70, as a small child, musical artist Andy Cook pretended to be Elvis Presley with his mother’s guitar, plucking the one remaining string with a Lego piece for a pick. That pick was soon traded in for a hockey puck, as he pursued a very-Minnesota dream of being a hockey goalie. Three years ago Andy picked up the guitar and started playing … and things haven’t been the same since. The cover songs he learned at first inspired and helped shape his own style of songwriting. Andy seems to always be on the pursuit to create the same kind of feeling and impact in his own songs, just like the songs he listened to and earned early on. Dreams and inspiration remain at the core of his songs, each one honest and simple – what you hear is what it is, nothing more and nothing less.


Andy Cook’s self-titled debut EP gives listeners simple styling and honest songwriting, brought to life with rawness and grit. Recorded as live takes at Real-Phonic Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the record features a top-tier band of Erik Koskinen, Jeremy Ylvisaker, JT Bates, Zach Brose and Jourdan Myers. Each song crafts a story of life and love, from punchy tracks and slide guitar-driven numbers to spare acoustic performances.

Full-formed yet minimally produced, Andy Cook’s debut EP introduces a new artist to the Americana scene while paying homage to influences current and past. Be sure to not miss out on a great evening as Andy Cook performs and officially releases his self-titled EP at Aster Cafe.

EP Release Show @ ASTER CAFE
On Saturday, March 5, 2016
With Sarah Morris
9pm • All-Ages • $7 at the door