Breaking Benjamin and Daughtry at Amsoil Arena in Duluth April 10th

Breaking Benjamin and Daughtry tour
Breaking Benjamin and Daughtry at the Amsoil in Duluth

This dual American rock band show is not one to miss. Breaking Benjamin and Daughtry are teaming up to bring us rocking music hits from the 2000s to newer releases. 

Breaking Benjamin has been around for a long time. Formed in 1999, they released their first albums in 2002 and 2004. In the United States alone, the band has an impressive track record. They’ve sold more than 19 million units and yielded three RIAA-certified platinum records, two gold records, and several certified singles, including three multi-platinum, three platinum, and six gold.

Aptly named by a moment when lead singer and guitarist Benjamin Burley broke a microphone, this ensemble has made numerous changes to their lineup, but still held true to their musical style and lyrical content. 

Formed and fronted by namesake Chris Daughtry, who was notably a finalist on the fifth season of American Idol and a finalist on season 2 of The Masked Singer. After an offer from the band Fuel to make him their lead singer, he stated he would form a new band. Daughtry was an instant success, with a recognizable name from TV and a hit first single “It’s Not Over”. The band has been touring nonstop since 2007. 

More recently, the band has parted ways with their record label of 13 years, RCA. The split was due to contractual fulfillment, and a want to put out music without having to feel they needed to keep producing large hits. In 2021, they released their sixth studio album Dearly Beloved, with many singles following in the years after. Their latest release was in August 2023, titled “Artificial”. 

Supporting these bands on tour is Catch Your Breath. Although this may not be a show in the Twin Cities, I highly recommend grabbing tickets to either their show on April 9th in Mankato or April 10th in Duluth and making a road trip!

Tickets are still available HERE!

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