Big Wild makes the Fine Line his personal Dance Party


The Fine Line Music Cafe hosted 3 artists on the electronic side of the music spectrum Wednesday night. Big Wild had come to town and brought Imagined Herbal Flows and Phantoms in tow.

The venue was still filling up when IHF (Imagined Herbal Flows) took the stage. The project of Ben Gorvine, he took the audience on a esoteric, dream voyage with his sounds.

Phantoms, the duo of Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola got their start in acting but left the fame of Hannah Montana behind to focus on EDM. Their pace was a complete change from the calmer set of IHF. They had a “We’re just here to dance with you and happened to bring our instruments” vibe and kept the music pumping and the energy up throughout their set.

Big Wild surrounded his platform with video screens on 3 sides and had brought in extra equipment to manage them. In the smaller Fine Line that made for a very immersive setup. Jackson Stell, the brains behind Big Wild, came on stage after a short intro. His set was heavy on his new EP “Invincible” that many in the crowd seemed quite familiar with. His music combined with his own and guest vocals, the visual effects and the energy of his fans turned the Fine Line into a dance party that rivaled the EDM nights at the nearby Skyway.