Adam Green’s world’s first achievements at the Icehouse


Two world first events happened late last night on Nicolett Avenue. Adam Green became the first crowd surfer ever at the Icehouse. And for the first time in human history someone gets to write the sentence: “Sean Tillman left the stage, and then things got weird” Oh, and there was a puppet…. But I get ahead of myself, NY singer-songwriter Adam Green played at the Icehouse last night promoting his new album “Aladdin”. There’s a movie that goes with it being screened at Bryant Lake Bowl tonight.

The evening started with Sean Tillman’s side project Sean Na Na in it’s Lite configuration. Introduced by Adam Green as “The best possible shit that can happen”, Tillman took the stage by himself for the first song, was joined by a guitar player and later a keyboard player. Starting of with quiet songs (but with morbid lyrics as Tillman pointed out). Things got a bit more rock’n roll a few songs in to a point the movie Roadhouse was referenced and picked up by the audience.

When Adam Green took over his band was a throwback to the 70, ruffled shirts, a huge afro (on a white guy), bell bottoms and the song arrangements reminded me of The Doors with a bit of “House of the Rising Sun” thrown in a times. And it was fun! Green came on stage complete with fez (dang, another first for me), there were high fives and hugs with the audience (including Tillman). He was dancing, jumping and stomping all over the stage. Fans were mimicking his movements and there were shit-eating grins all over. The music was pretty good as well. After getting the crow riled up, Green switched gears to just himself and a guitar taking requests before the band rejoined him. One of his fans had a wolf hand puppet that was singing along happily. And then Adam Green did a world first short crowd surfing session that took pretty much everyone by surprise (I checked with staff, he was the first at Icehouse) – I tried to get a picture but they came out super dark and blurry.
I was expecting a quirky, interesting show. I was not ready for the amount of fun every single person seemed to have.