A Dynamic Performance By Scotty McCreery at Mystic Showroom — 3/25/2016


Nashville recording artist Scotty McCreery brought big time fun to Mystic Showroom in Prior Lake on Friday evening. The popular country singer and 2011 American Idol winner’s trademark charm and classic voice made for an unforgettable night.

The crowd appeared to be made up of a surprising mix of young girls as well as older women and couples.  Though I was expecting a younger crowd, I believe it is Scotty’s vocals and smooth sound that pulled such a broad mix of fans. He seems to pull from the country stars of the early 70s. By putting his own spin on the approach, it has a great appeal across generations.


The music was extremely well-constructed, well- sung, and well-appreciated by the fans. The performance was a huge hit with those in attendance, especially when he played hits like Trouble With Girls, Something More, and Now. Even new song Five More Minutes that will appear on his upcoming album, pulled a strong (and emotional) response. In-between songs, Scotty was charismatic and relatable, talking about varied topics that got the crowd to feel emotion with him, like bringing back the classic names in Country that had great influence over his career thus far.

Scotty’s powerful voice and innate stage presence won me over last night. There’s a definite ‘real’ presence about how Scotty connects with his fans young and old. Scotty, who is now 21, is on top of the world and poised to have a very long and successful career with his legions of fans. It’s easy to see why they are so dedicated to this country star. He’s got the vocal chops, the catchy lyrics, and the dynamics of a great performer.

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