Killswitch Engage, Memphis May Fire, 36 Crazyfists, and Toothgrinder at Skyway Theatre on March 25th


People that were looking for a hard rock show in Minneapolis, MN to start off the last weekend in March were treated to exactly what they wanted on March 25th at Skyway TheatreKillswitch Engage made a stop during their Incarnate Tour and brought with them Memphis May Fire, 36 Crazyfists, and Toothgrinder.  I’m not sure there was a heavier lineup in town and Twin Cities Media was there to cover the show.  I had not been to the Skyway before, so it was cool to shoot at a different venue.  Once I found out where I was going and got inside, I found that the large main hall already full with people ready for the show, with more arriving as the show went on!  I was worried that I wouldn’t make the opening band, but I was lucky and got there with 5 minutes to spare!

Toothgrinder took the stage first and showed the crowd they were in for a night of heavy music.  Each song was heavier than the last and kept building right up to the end of their set.  Toothgrinder definitely set the pace for the night.  The lighting was similar to most places and the sides of the stage were darker, but I managed to get some decent photos, which you can check out in the slideshow below.

Next up was 36 Crazyfists.  They took the excitement level from the first band and kicked it up another notch.  By the time they were on stage, the crowd had grown quite a bit and people were starting the mosh pit every now and then during their set.  36 Crazyfists was indeed a great choice for this tour.  The lighting was a little better during their performance and you can see all of my photos below.

It was time for Memphis May Fire to take their turn at rocking everyone at the Skyway, and from the reaction of the crowd, it seems they succeeded in this task.  The mosh pit was starting up more frequently and was much larger when it was going on.  People were hanging around more in the main hall and not so much in the merch areas and bar, so it was clear everyone enjoyed watching Memphis May Fire do their thing!  They were able to move around a lot more during their set, with some of the previous bands’ equipment off the stage, which made photos a little more interesting.  You can see what I got in the slideshow below.

Before Killswitch Engage took the stage, you could hear the sound of the guitar playing “Charge”, (the song you hear at baseball games), music being played, although not many people went along with it.  Once the lights went down though, everyone went wild!  Killswitch Engage took the stage with a rush of energy that didn’t let up and beckoned everyone in the venue to join in.  Between songs, the band would joke with the crowd and we were told we looked sexy!  They also gave little intro descriptions to some of the songs by describing what the song meant to them.  The mosh pit had grown to cover most of the main floor area by this point and lasted for nearly all of each song.  Killswitch Engage closed out the show right and left the crowd happy and satisfied!  As for the lighting, the added some of their own, which made photos very interesting and fun!  You can see all my photos below.

Another night of shooting photos done and I couldn’t think of a better show for my first one at the Skyway Theatre!  Apparently, a lot of people that I see at shows were also there, but I only caught a few of them as I was busy running around getting different angles for my wide shots!

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!