Zenbox Izakaya’s Ramen Attack at Mill City Museum 9/27/2015


Zenbox Izakaya’s 2015 Ramen Attack was titled Heroes Edition. With all net proceeds being donated to the Minnesota Children’s Cancer Research Fund, each bowl of ramen served and each noodle slurped became a heroic task. The chefs, volunteers, and attendees should have been issued capes!

It its third year, Ramen Attack changed its system and made a limited number of passports with food and beverage tickets available. They release additional tickets as product became available. Since the event was free this approach avoided the lines that were challenging in previous years. The lines were reasonable for even the most popular Ramen.

Several cooking, martial arts and music demonstrations allowed breaks in between bowls of Ramen.

Chef Thomas Boemer‘s demo focused on Pork Belly for Ramen

Seven Dragons Kempo displayed a variety of martial arts covering a range of countries

Chef Diane Yang plated an Asian Cheesecake with Plums

Mu Daiko filled the courtyard with the sound of Japanese drumming

During all this DJ Steez kept the crowd entertained

Ramen Attack 2015-130

Schedule constraints caused us to miss Kenshiro Uki and Kaishin Dojo (sorry)

The Mill City Museum provided a unique background for the event. Overall Ramen Attack 2015 was well organized and judging by the many smiles and broth stained cheeks we observed a huge success.

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for capturing #ramenattack2015 with such great shots. I’m a member of the Seven Dragons Kempo school and am grateful for the quality shots of our demonstration. I’d love to get your contact information to reach out regarding the pictures. Please contact me via email at your convenience.

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