“Weird Al” Yankovic impresses at the State Theater.


The phrase “hot ticket” will certainly be used a lot this weekend in the Twin Cities. Metallica and Luke Bryant are the first two shows at the new US Bank Stadium, Wilco takes over Hall Island and “Weird Al” Yankovic’s show at the State Theatre was sold out from the day tickets went on sale.

After getting his start sending in homemade tapes to Dr. Demento in the 70s Yankovic continued his path to fame with “My Bologna” and “Another One Rides the Bus” and moving on to create parodies of a mind boggling number of pop songs. As he describes it, his live show is “a rock and comedy multimedia extravaganza” and it certainly lived up to that. His walk on had a camera following from his dressing room, almost getting distracted by 2 cheerleaders, coming in from the back of the audience to the stage. There was a video screen playing clips and montages during costume changes. There were quite a few, Madonna and Cheer would be jealous. Rather than filler, the video clips provided transition between songs and showcased how engrained Yankovic is into our culture. The number of references made to him was just mind boggling. I was impressed by the energy  coming from the stage, he’s got some impressive moves – even in a fat suit.

As it is a comedy show, I am not going to include to details in this review, but if you have a chance to see “Weird Al” live, sell your kids, sell your house – you will be entertained!