Uncanny Valley Brought To You Via COIN


Visions of an Uncanny Valley were projected across The Fillmore last night when COIN played music from the past decade of their time as a band. A lot has changed in the past ten years, and COIN’s music has continued to change as well, while still holding onto their core sound and messages. COIN originally hails from Nashville, Tennessee and has traveled around the country and globe playing their music. It was great to have them back in town after their show at the Varsity Theater in November of 2021 and The Fillmore was packed with fans happy to be back at another COIN show. 

First was Black Star Kids, a hip-hop/pop-rock band from Kansas City, Missouri. The group, consisting of five members, brought a massive amount of energy to the venue and the crowd matched that energy their entire performance. In 2020, they were signed to Dirty Hit Records, which includes the bands, The 1975, Beabadobee, Wolf Alice and more. Their performance was fun and energetic and I hope they come back to Minneapolis soon!

After a long wait, COIN finally took the stage, walking on to screaming fans excited for the music to start. The stage was covered in perfectly looking grass hills with flowers on them. In the left corner was a giant ladybug – an emblem of their latest album. The whole set gave off the Uncanny Valley feeling as if we were looking at a front lawn that was a little too perfect. Every time I’ve seen COIN they’ve been sharper and more talented than the last and this show was no exception. Playing hits like, Talk to Much, Chapstick, Cute, and my personal favorite, Malibu 1992. 

I’ve been listening to COIN and seeing them live since graduating high school in 2015. They are always there to bring back great memories of meeting one of my best friends, skipping a class to make it to their show on time (sorry mom) and experiencing great live music. I can’t wait to see them again.